Alcohol is Toxic

Balance’s new campaign “Alcohol is Toxic” launched in 2023 is unlike any campaign ever seen before for alcohol in the UK.

Alcohol is a group one carcinogen and a direct cause of at least 7 types of cancer. But as few as 1 in 3 people are aware of this vital information – we don’t see national campaigns, and this information is not on the product itself.

Based on extensive insight, “Alcohol is Toxic” takes both a graphic and emotive approach, following the journey of alcohol through the body, into the blood stream and mutating cells, leading to the formation of a tumour. We also see the journey of a patient from home to hospital.

It is not just heavy drinkers at risk – any level of regular drinking increases the risk of cancer, including breast, bowel, mouth, and throat cancer.

Alcohol is Toxic has now appeared over two phases on catch-up ITV, cinema, radio, outdoor and Facebook running across Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, and County Durham.

Alongside the campaign we have provided partners with a suite of digital and printed materials to support the campaign and local awareness work about the benefits of cutting down.

As well as highlighting the risks, we are giving people advice and tips to cut down by visiting our website, This has details of local alcohol support services and links to the Drink Free Days app.